In the fall of 2017, I was sitting in the ER waiting to find out if I had a dissected artery. A sudden increase in pain levels in my neck made it imperative to rule out a dissection.

My new vascular surgeon had recently discovered my pseudo-aneurysm in my left internal carotid artery, and I had happened upon a diagram of the Circle of Willis. The Circle of Willis is a diagram of the arteries that supply blood to the brain and brain stem.

When I first saw the diagram, I thought it looked like a cute little person.

Now in the ER, with hours to wait and a sketchbook, I created my own Willis, complete with a pseudo-aneurysm. Shortly after this ER visit, I started making comics of Willis. On this page, I have posted my drawings of Willis for you to enjoy!

The first drawing:


Willis enjoys Spring:


Willis goes Trick or Treating:


Willis’s Christmas


Willis makes a wish:

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